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TBG 150

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By the graciousness of the board Administrators, we now have our own board. When he gets a chance, I hope he'll move the previous thread here to free up space on the Random Discussion board.

This was done to stop the clutter of our chatter and off topic discussions on the dedicated apartment boards. There is no need for everyone to PM ADMIN, he knows he did well and we thank him.

Enjoy you old and semi-old farts.

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Guest Squirrel

How bout dressing up the car.  a set of chrome reveresed with baby moons, or Lancer spinners, fender skirts, coon tail on the antenna and can't forget the curb feelers and half moons on the headlights.

Well, already we have an important discussion. TBG150 will no doubt approve.

"To customize or to be stock?" that is the question.

Myself, I really miss curb feelers. Had racing stripes and wire wheels (they were stock), but never had a coon tail on the antenna. Had this:



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Guest NL Forever

Finally. We can have some serious, grown-up discussions and arrive at crucial decisions.


I very much doubt we will succeed at either if truth be known.......

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