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It was a way of separating a few of us from the group that never saw a real naked person before. C'mon, you've been around here long enough to figure that out by now.

I'd be willing to bet that 80% of this site is under 20 years of age. Look at the posts, the spelling, sentence forming. Even in their home languages. Go to the members tab at the top of the home page. 500+ pages of people that have registered for the sole purpose of watching a shitty video from a camera that 20 feet away from the subjects, in the dark and under the covers.

That to me means one of two things, or both.

1) Desperation

2) Their parents locked out any questionable sites from their computeres or have some other form of Cyber Nanny going.

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Guest NL Forever

Good answer, and I take your point about the whining masses whose best guess of what a naked woman looks like is a Barbie doll during an outfit change.....I was simply playing Devil's advocate.....too much time on my hands and an overactive brain..........

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Guest Squirrel

I haven't seen anybody be excluded yet. Everything's cool. You vouch for the young lieutenants, bring fine cigars, everything's cool. 8)

The punks will be looking for pussy at the other sections. Don't need the riff-raff.

Bring Junior. The Big Guy respects the young man. Done some great work on the Barcelona docks, I understand.

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Earlier this month I turned 60 years OLD.

It was supposed to be a big deal with kegs of homebrew, live music (open stage and many musician buddies), and various kinds of grilled carnage. Well we have an annual convention called SXSW where presently undiscovered talent can come, get exposure, and hopefully get discovered. It was cool for the first couple of years but then Rap and DJs ( if we wanted to listen to a DJ we could to some Disco or wedding, or a Bar Mitzva) invaded the scene bringing with it thuggery and mayhem of all kinds, then also came the politics and headliner bands who have no need to be here and then came the "no-refusal" weeks (where if you get pulled over you give blood -can't refuse- to see if you are driving drunk). ANYWAY, my musician friends got gigs to play and others didn't want to fight the traffic and take a chance on getting pulled over so no one came. Sad. Instead, that night, I acted as a roady for my brewing partner. A cheezy way get to see a couple of shows for free.

My brewing partner is one of the more sought-after local bass players so he was invited to play 19 gigs in 3 days (he was an animal)...mostly headliner Rap crap but a few musical shows...and he made a measly $150 USD in all, though at least two of the headliners he played for made several thousand. He was getting pissed but trying to remain professional. Having had enough, though, he opted out of one headliner gig, at the last minute, when he found out the hippety hopper was only going to "Trow de bitch a jackson and a fatty an he'll be down" (yes, we heard him say it to one of his entourage just moments before set-up time) for a 1 hour show for which he was getting paid $500 (and no other musicians were being used). Just a cheap pre-programmed keypad, and a mike. So he told the rapper to go fuck himself and use the beat boxing bum standing across the street. One of his meatlocker buddies was going to make a big deal of it but the bar owner (a friend and former MMA fighter) and I stepped between my friend and the meatlocker and two pals. Alas I broke a nail but a stern point had been made and the owner calmly told the rapper to play his gig and get out along with all his fans. A few minutes later the cops came and removed the freshly concious meatlocker and two of their posse, ziptied and sitting quietly on the floor by the door. The rest of the show was peaceful...more or less. We left after two beers, called it an evening, and retired to my house for homebrew, jammin' with the oldies on youtube, and my wife's good cooking. SXSW sucks and I hate Rap music.

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