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camera freezes


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Has any one noticed the cameras seem to freeze for a few seconds? Is this my computer or a RLC issue? It seems to be worse over the past few days. Before I go tearing into my computer with new video card ect I wanted to get some of your opinions on how it is working for you.


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I cancelled my subscription the other day. Stick me with a fork, I'm DONE. It's such a shame. This is a great idea and if RLC would put some thought into it and invest some money in equipment, they could have a world class entertainment vehicle. Instead, they just take our money and run to the bank. No more from me. I'm so bored with foreign misfits and porn actors with their scripted sex. If they would provide some couples whose lives you could follow (in English) and who could be real, I'd re-up. I am a true voyeur and love watching the real lives of people not just screwing. If I want acting, I'll just turn to Netflix. If I want porn there is a plethora on the web. With that said, there have been a few moments of real life on RLC on rare occasion.

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Guest Squirrel

I do like some of the couples; I feel a certain empathy toward them; but I am not a voyeur.

I'd much rather hang out here than RLC.

I guess I'm just an old dude...

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