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Milena - back in B4 for her stay #3 - fan page

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Milena arrived May 14 2020 for her stay #3

Name Arrival Departure Location Duration (days)
Milena #1 29.09.2016 27.10.2016 B1 29
Milena #2 13.11.2019 14.01.2020 B4 63
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If she decides to leave soon like what the clues to B4 may suggest

I can say that I enjoyed having Milena during this long time and having been able to see all these good times with her, she has come a long way since her first participation a few years ago
As we say we age like good wine over time, and that's exactly it with Milena, the fact of being in a relationship and happy made her much more sympathetic to follow, she had cordial contacts with all the girls, I was pleasantly surprised to see her fiancé come to the different apartments where she was
Even if the baby was not necessarily conceived at rlc, because I think it was done during a romantic weekend away from the cameras, I find it very nice to be part of this evolution of her. woman's life

I wish them happiness in the rest of their life

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4 hours ago, Noldus said:

Milena left B2 on December 17 2020 after 128 days in B4, B1 and B2
She is 5 months pregnant

She seems much more than 5 months ... more than 6 or even 7 would seem more reasonable to me . What really matters is to deliver the child healthy , all the best of luck to her and future family 😊😇

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