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I'm curious

TBG 150

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Guest Squirrel

Immediate word association- I'm curious - yellow!!! I have made that association nearly all my life!!!

I don't think I ever got to see the movie though. It was banned for years!

I think this came out about the same time period as "Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice." Supposedly it knocked down ancient Puritanical barriers in American filmography, but all I remember is that they were pretty much lousy films, not worth seeing or remembering. "Deep Throat" was more interesting, but not much better.

It's amazing how crappy movies can be, however remakes called "I am Curious Meerkat" or "Stepan, Maya, Kiko & Nora" might be worth watching...

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That was an ok movie.  Both moves seems odd to watch now days.  They where more taboo than.  Just saw Peyton Place  on TV last night Which I thought was good.  What did you think if it Squirrel?

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I thought that Peyton Place was an afternoon soap opera?

I loved Outer Limits, Rod Serlings Night Gallery, Creature Feature, Dracula or about any Hitchcock movie. And let's not forget Lost in Space. 'Danger, Will Robinson'.

But never saw a Star Wars flick or any other modern Sci-Fi shit.

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