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What is the problem with Paul.....and Leora....?

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I,m sitting here watching this 2 People now.... They really have some strange behavior....

His is clearly horny, but don,t seems to know how to get her on.....how is it possible to be so amateur?? He is not able to turn her on... come on, pleease.... he has to study this in some sort of School or something :-).

And she also stop him at any chance to get involved..... what kind of relationship is this?

They act so strange, like they are embarrest or something when it starts to heaten up...

I don,t understand this, what is theyre problem?

And why dosent,t Paul og for it a little bit harder, then he maybe will get some :-)

(sorry for my bad English, i,m from out of town ahaha)

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They do seem to have serious relationship issues around sex. For sure Paul is always horny and once they actually start having sex Leora seems very enthusiastic (even though most of her moans and groans are somewhat theatrical!).

Leora often rebuffs Paul for quite some time before relenting and then having sex. Ridiculously Leora spends more time rebuffing Paul than the time it actually takes Paul to have sex!!! Even if Leora does not want sex because she is tired it would be quicker for her to agree. It would cost her 5 minutes of her life and save an hour of fighting off Paul's attempts at seduction!!!!

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But of course, if Paul could try a little bit harder to do "the right things" with her, then maybe he could score more....

For example: when she actually removed her blouse and also turned around so that he had free access to her boobies, he did not even then "attack".... what i saw was that she actually was a little bit open for play.... He seems a little bit "blind"....

And after my opinion, he should be more presise.... He tries, then joke touching her, and then tries again...and then.... you know....

They don,t act like grownups.... Well, it,s not my problem, thank God :-)

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