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Here we rant about the Politics in our respective nations & how fucked we are

Guest Squirrel

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Guest Squirrel

It's always fun to learn about the opinions of people from other counties regarding the dynamics of their national politics.

Certainly, the US conversion to Marxist rule is interesting, but so is the Scottish question, the conversion of Europe to Islam, and problems with the Roma. (I think they make a terrific spaghetti sauce, myself. But it's best if they're home grown.) We can discuss the differences between the current US Federal Bureaucracy and the old Soviet Bureaucracy, or whatever we want to discuss.

It would be best if, as gentlemen, we formed our arguments logically, as Logic was defined by the Ancient Greeks. (Wow, how far those people have fallen... :'()

Then we can speculate about the political opinions of the RLC tenants, therefore keeping a tie to CC. Lora & Max have a "Cuba" fridge magnet; the girls often wear the stars & stripes or the union jack T-shirts and underwear; Stepan often sports a sickle and hammer logo.

Your turn: GO!

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Guest Squirrel

Ikea is not known for beautiful wood. RLC demonstrates that concept daily. Look at the furnishings of the tenants. These people have Ikea synthetic products, because all their finely crafted stuff was fucking blown up in the 20th Century with what turned out to be two useless world wars.

I agree that Ikea furniture is capable, with a bit of work, to be driven home (to be assembled) on top the roof of a Smart Car.

Craftsmanship is a different concept. It's an art, done by a human individuals, not by a collective, with their incentive not being money, or altruism for their Marxist government, but because of their own love of their art. It's their expression of individuality.

If are you one of these artistic or dynamic people, who must naturally express your individuality in a creative manner, regardless of the force of government coercive force, may you be blessed. Other than that, I figure we're all waiting for the next bus and we're fucked.

Good. I'm done. Did I piss fucking Euros off? Are you sad that the US won't have the power to protect you anymore because you've taught us how to be fucking broke? Are you personally pissed because you waste so much of your time on CC and therefore have no life? Will you actually participate on this thread? Why did you Western Euros throw in your lot with the US when the Soviets were so interested in helping you? Who the fuck won the Cold War? Really?



I will kill the Squirrel.

or, if you post, I will either agree or challenge you.

or, I will build upon your concepts.

or, Squirrel will kill Moose. It's up to you.

(I agree this can't possibly translate properly to the Euros via translate.google.com. So be it. Squirrel is bored as hell, and he's just not gonna take it anymore!)

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Guest Squirrel

Looks like the old, dottering, senile, old farts can't keep on topic here, either.

I give up. They're making me pissed off and grouchy.

Maybe I shall be the only one who can post politics here. (I want my Ukrainian girl goddess to pay attention to this post.)

Here's one for all you young people who never got a decent education and managed to bypass our passed-out bouncer: http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/

That's politics. That's what it ultimately means.

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For Christ sake, step up Van, or somebody.

I'm pissed off. I grew up knowing that my parents and grandparents could shoot nukes into the Soviet Union, and that they could shoot nukes at us. We didn't enjoy the idea; A-bomb drills were practiced more than fire drills when I was a little kid.

If it had come to blows (which it didn't because the USA and USSR were marginally civilized), a major nuclear war would mean that I'd be dead, and Leora and Nora and Maya would never be born. Pretty damn big loss for humanity...

What the fuck is wrong with you Euros anyway? You worship Obama when he's about to get elected, and then you just stay silent while he disrespects  the bust of Churchill, sends over his speeches and unplayable dvds as official "State" gifts. Then you continue happily on your welfare state status, thinking we'll be able to protect your asses, while we're all over here looking at the death of our liberty, and accumulating debt that can never be paid. WTF is that about?

What is the problem with you Euro fuckheads?

How about you American fuckheads?

How about my Aussie brothers that will be forced to switch from their Queen to Chinese rule when I'm dead?

You got something to unload?, do it here. Otherwise, I'll surmise that Western Civilization is in A-fib and V-Tach, and I'll just go back to Frostbite Falls and hibernate under a goddam rock.

And pray that our beloved RLC women, and yes-- even their men-- survive the misery that will hit us all.

So, what are you pissed about?

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Guest Squirrel

And which oil do you use on your wood to make it retain its luster while retaining its hard protective surface?

Lemon Pledge, shaving cream, fish oil, pig fat, or some other natural plant or animal oil?  :D

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Teak oil is one of the best. It has an emulsifier that soaks into the wood and coats and protects it. And it can be polished to a severe shine. Just like Rosewood and Maple.

Use a super fine 2000 wet-n-dry paper on it and it will shine like a 50 coat lacquer job.

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Guest Squirrel

Hey Squirrel,.. Just wondering,.. Did you get that email I sent you today?

Nope. Try again. My profile allows PMs from Camcaps members. Its a great function to use for killing time...
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