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Gay action

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I had the distinct pleasure of throwing a Bull Dyke out of my house once when I was eighteen.

It's a long story.

What the hell do tell I'm bored. 8)

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Alright Pepe, here goes..

I was going with this girl Barb, who was very cute, no exaggeration, but outside of fucking me, she usually liked other girls.

One Friday at my house,  as we were leaning against a couple of throw pillows against the wall, and listening to Johnny Mathis, she said to me, "Oh I hope you don't mind, but I'm having a few friends come by." 

A little later:  'Ding Dong'

So I answered the door, and let these two girls in.  One was very thin, and the other looked like a line man for a pro football team.

Anyway,.. These two girls started to horse around with each other on the floor.  They still had their clothes on, but were on all fours and just being very playful with each other.

I then said to Barb,.. "Do you want to go upstairs?"  And she nodded.

So, Now in my bedroom, we were getting warmed up, when there was a loud pounding on the door.

I  almost didn't lock the damn thing, but was glad later that I did.

The Bull Dyke was extremely jealous, and furious.    And she kept yelling, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?"  And I yelled back,.. "What the hell do you think we're doing in here!"

Then it became untenable, and I yanked the door open!    This bitch had daggers coming out of her eyes towards me.    But she didn't know me the way that Barb did,.. And I ushered that fat belligerent pig right out the front door.

Barb apologized to me right after, but I knew it wasn't her fault.

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