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what did we gain we went to war Afghanistan and Middle East


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Yeah, but it screws up the whole thread because of the type of software used.

But to seriously answer the question, it's a one word answer for some and a multi-billion dollar answer for others.

Do I really need to type it all out?

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Nick, I have to ask you this:  What's your point?

On the one hand, you ask a question in your thread title, "what did we gain we went to war Afghanistan and Middle East"

On the other hand, you present a video from IV Cellular that depicts their efforts to honor our fallen military members.

And, on the third hand, you make no comments of your own, except to say that you didn't know about what IV Cellular has been doing.

If you are only tipping your hat to IV Cellular, okay.  I tip my hat to them, as well.  But if you are making a statement with your thread title, then I have to ask you:  What is your statement?

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