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What the f.....

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I just have to get out some steam of frustration.... :-)

What the f.... is wrong With this couple...? And especially Paul....

I was watching about 20 mins today, and when i startet to watch they where quite hot the both of them. Kissing With tounges and touching++

Then, at the Next moment, they stop(?) Just like that....

But the story is not yet over....: Then the Next 15 mins Paul first touches her, several times slightly masturbate here outside her trousers.... and every time she gives respons by lifting her butt up agains his hand and she even rotates her hips when he grabs her pussy, he still dont get it...(!)

Everytime she respond to him, he stops and then starts to fool around....

I continued to watch because i was sure, 100%, that it had to be something to happen when she was so into it and he still kept on touching.... At one moment she laid back and opened her legs, and he masturbated her and even she was touching herself.....and then he stopped again, that clumsy fuck! Its not possible to be that blind!

I dont want to Write bad about him, but come on, give me a break :-). He want sex, she gives every signal there is, and still he mess it up..... She also started to moan, but no.... It hurts to see this, it hurts ahaha

Another thing: Why does every couple on that site almost allways only walking around in theyre trousers?? Even when they have guests.... Is it only With this cam-People, or russians or what? Thats not normal in my country (Norway).....

Any how, funny site :-) :-)

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I think we are frustrated with Paul's inability to understand women. I suspect Leora is his first girlfriend. He has no understanding of sex and foreplay is something he has never heard of!

He can't identify the go signals from the no signals. In fact he never sees any signals! He simply gets horny and pushes himself upon Leora who either responds enthusiastically or responds reluctantly. Either way she ends up frustrated and let down. Paul remains in ignorant bliss and considers himself a stud for making Leora moan. By the way I suspect her moans are real but she overdoes the excitement which actually over excites Paul.

I think the frustration we watchers feel is not being able to teach Paul about women!! We see a lovely girl being used but never satisfied. We envy Paul but want to slap him round the head for being like a small boy who is always misbehaving!

I always feel inclined to support Paul. He is obviously an intelligent guy with ambition and I hope he makes himself a good life. He just needs to learn about women!!!!

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I don't think he know women have a clit. If he does he thinks it is attacked from the rear with his full hand!!!

Leora constantly tries to use her hands to guide him but he never gets the message!!! I only wish Leora would do it for herself. The trouble is he is nearly always in the apartment!!

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