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How many "vacations" did E&P did since they arrived?


How many "vacations" this couple did sinse joined three months ago?  

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  1. 1. How many "vacations" did this couple E&P did sinse joined three months ago?

    • More than a dozen.
    • Who!?..does someone actualy lives in the house!?

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4 hours ago, ARMY SNIPER said:

Why then don't they just Move Out and STAY on vacation Forever  Family Vacation Friday GIF by Fast Company

Easy..Cash,they(the couple)will milk us as much they can.Its a joke,they need to give place to an couple that actualy will use the house to live,be with friends,family etc.I am no expert but having an house that is empty half of the week and with travel signal also every week or so doesnt seem a good deal for site,and even less for clients.

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