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Farewell to a musical icon


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     The sad news of the passing of Eddie Van Halen was released to the world yesterday, October 6, 2020. It had been being reported off and on that Eddie had become ill quite some time back, and was eventually revealed that he had been battling a form of oral cancer. Some of the more recent reports have indicated that he had been doing so for more than 10 years. A brave and valiant effort by a man who captured the attention of a generation of the world by being an accomplished guitar player and musical performer. Eddie was also a co-founder of the great band Van Halen and was involved in co-writing some of the bands songs. Van Halen's music along with Eddie's guitar playing captivated and inspired many. Now may he R.I.P. and play his six string in Heaven forever more ! 🎸🎶 

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     As TBG mentioned, it was also sad to hear of the news of John Nash's passing on October 6, 2020 as well. May John R.I.P. and add his own unique style of Reggae & Pop to the sounds of Heaven.

     Besides yesterday, October 6, 2020, being a day of unfortunate and sad news of the passing of both Eddie Van Halen and John Nash on the same day, it was no longer than a week ago that a different day of unfortunate similiarity had occured. That day happened to be September 29, 2020, when the sad and unfortunate news of the passing of both Helen Reddy, and Mac Davis had been revealed, both of which had unfortunately passed away on the same day as well. May both Helen and Mac R.I.P.

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