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Leora & Malia - Home Activities #27

Guest Slipper Guyquad

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9 hours ago, Pepe said:

It's like mean girls from high school 🤣 you have to be in the right click. 

Absolutely right, Pepe, Scutus, and Masterchef....The skunks little controllable clique, or the three stooges.

What a lying hypocritical shameless fool you are, you appear on here tonight to try and impress Juggs, everyone on the forum knows what your game is skunk....You have no credibility.

By the way the word is clique not click 😁


And it is actually pronounced Cleek but that is neither here nor they're(sic,lol). OMG you guys been arguing for years. It's gotta be a Battle Royale. I'm just wondering which of the Stooges is Shemp.

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Guest Slipper Guyquad
11 minutes ago, Brokk! said:

I read in the other post that Malia talked to her boyfriend on the phone. 

Have they decided to get together and get it over with one way or another? 

It's absolutely impossible to know Brokk, because no one can hear her, when she is on a call. I said last night, you can have the sound on full, and you never hear anything more than a mumble. In fact you can often hear him as loud as her! But she spoke for quite a while. Time will tell, i guess we'll learn something sooner or later. I just hope she won't be messed around and some sense of 'normality' can be reached.

First things first - We need the girls talking ok today. It's a shame the trouble can be caused by a third party, they themselves are fine.

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