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Leora - Home Activities #49

pulo filipe

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49 AD (XLIX) was an ordinary year starting on the Wednesday of the Julian calendar.

At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Longus and Veranius (or, less frequently, the year 802 Ab urbe condita).

The 49 AD designation for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the calendar era of Anno Domini became the prevailing method in Europe for naming years.


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Good Morning - Buon giorno - Bonjour

Good morning Beautiful girls so cute

Leora and Malia and sexy girl


a great day happy everyone

🐨👯  🌟🐈 🐱🐴🦝🐿️🦍🗼💀🐊😁 😈🐶 🦨  🔭 🏍️ 🕵️👨‍🍳🌶️ nick  gag-her pautou  brokk!   chris gregg   marco 6742 nenemoh7 howard ddhm c101 

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1 hour ago, pulo filipe said:

yesterday wednesday was a happy day 


Leora in the kitchen 

drink wine AND  eating

On the table on Skype with his Russian woman friend 

In the kitchen, on the sofa and in the bed 

very long conversation 



I'm going to send leora. Some underwear she can't have much since she hardly wears any.    Shame

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