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Masha & Sasha - General Chat Comments, Quotes & Thanks for Pictures & Videos (2016) #2


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Guest beaver67
6 minutes ago, beancounter said:

If you like mature women Mom is taking a bath now

maybe Masha will loan her, the vibrator HAHAHAHAHAHA

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It feels really strange if this is the mother of someone of the two, first they take a bath and fuck for atleast an hour total whilw she is watching tv and now masha is naked on the bed. I would not really be naken around my mother, and for sure not for my partners mother......

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Someone please educate me about culture.  Is it normal in that part of the world for adults to be partially dressed in only underwear and be walking around the house whilst there is a guest?  in this case that guest appears to be a parent on one of the two lovers.  They even have sexual activity in the bathroom whilst she is just outside in the kitchen.  

Where I come from it is not a normal thing. i just want to hear from others.  Or, is this just a show for us.



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