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  1. purplewrap

    Amy and Jane

    You lost for words?!? Surely not...!! 🤣 I suspect its as simple as just being class and a gentleman 👍
  2. purplewrap

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    I didn't realise they opened today 🤣 I don't really follow this couple because of at least one very obvious thing... But I don't diss them either 😊
  3. purplewrap

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    Yes! 🤣🤣🤣 ps: although there might be someone who likes to watch them doing the last finishing touches 😉
  4. x2 I think the request system works really well 😁 And Golfer has been a proper champion 🏆 in helping out! 👍
  5. purplewrap

    Sasha & Alice & Spartak

    Different people want to see different things, and Im ok with that 😊 I must admit watching pooping is not my kind of thing, but I rather not watch it than being told I cant! Placing a big black box there is something I find extremely irritating. It's okay to show anal sex and anal creampies etc etc - some in close up! But for modesty reasons, we have to put a black box over toilet area..?!? 🤔 Now that is something you should laugh about... in my humble opinion of course.
  6. purplewrap

    Sasha & Alice & Spartak

    Hope she is ready... ☂️☂️☂️ 😁
  7. purplewrap

    Kate & Andrew

    Oh....Okay. I thought perhaps there was a reason she was wearing them... 😊 Oh well, never mind. 🍓
  8. purplewrap

    Kate & Andrew

    Hey @Sparkles, have you noticed a string? (for Kate) Reason she is wearing panties and doing loads of bj's….?!? 🤔
  9. purplewrap

    Sasha & Alice & Spartak

    Muchas gracias amigo 👊 😁
  10. purplewrap

    Sasha & Alice & Spartak

    I suspect quite a few people are cursing you up the wall right about now mon ami, for making this statement. If the cam angle is changed, I guess we know who won't be receiving any Christmas cards this year!
  11. purplewrap

    Sasha & Alice & Spartak

    Well done on you Alice for showing the black box is mute 👍 Lots of new fans for you girl!! 😍
  12. purplewrap

    Sasha & Alice & Spartak

    LMAO 🤣🤣🤣 How on earth did you come to this conclusion?? Personal experience?? I mean, exactly zero of any of my girlsfriends through the years would accept this! 😂 They would do a lot of things and none of them would be pleassant 😂
  13. purplewrap

    Sasha & Alice & Spartak

    Doesn't the girls fuck around with other girls as well? 😊
  14. purplewrap

    Sasha & Alice & Spartak

    Well said 🤣🤣🤣