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Leora - Home Activities #80

pulo filipe

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yesterday was a great saturday 


Leora Stood up 

Preparation to leave 



Has arrived 

Leora in black panties and white t-shirt 

weekly cleaning 

listening to music singing and dancing 

In bed pink pajamas 

On the phone and tablet see something 


To sleep 

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2 hours ago, pulo filipe said:

Good Morning - Buon giorno - Bonjour

Good morning Beautiful girls so cute

Leora and sexy girl


Sunday is the day to be with the people we love, celebrating life and all that is good. Good morning family!

07/November /2021 

Who is this sexy girl you have been mentioning for a long time?

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1 hour ago, blue is the colour said:

What is the name of this thread, HER NAME IS.... you got it!!!!!

Actually , “sexy girl “ is a poster here that appears  from time to time and i believe this is the one that pulo refers to . 

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