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ww.com Split #1


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You should also check-out her videos of her pole dancing  8)

Looks promising. Not sure how I feel about seeing a kid walk by though.

This lady and her husband are nudists.  They don't hide their nudity from their children, but their kids are never nude.  They do have sex on their cam, but their children are never present.

I don't see anything wrong with what they do, but they have been persecuted by the mods on ww.com quite a bit.  I know that they have had at least 4 accounts deleted, one of them was created in 2003.  I have no idea why ww.com would let them do their thing for 10 years and suddenly give them the boot, but that's the way the site works sometimes.

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Thank you, Admin.

Personally, I always thought ww.com deserved its own forum.

Agreed. There's been a few threads about it so I figured it would be a good candidate. Let me know if you find any other sites.


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