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B4 - General Topic 2022 #29 (March)

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11 hours ago, thinga69 said:

Ulyana really need a good session of sex.

If she had her own place , the things she could do and show are endless . On the other hand , she has never tried anything alone , she has the support of her sister and friends and lived with a boyfriend when we first got to know her , she was then in Prague with her guy again and these two separate appearances in Barcelona have been with Olivia by her side . 

I can’t think of a more tensed erotical individual than her in all of the apartments , she just loves anything concerning sex and has no boundaries , I think it is like RLC has a Ferrari in the garage and they don’t bring in the race field and have it parked in a limited parking lot area , they bring it out occasionally for exhibition reasons and in general , it is like they allow this Ferrari to move with kind of a brake or something 🤬🤬😡

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