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Do you have a fetish

TBG 150

What's your favorite fetish  

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  1. 1. Please vote. Your votes are anonymous.

    • Feet and Toes
    • Cucking or being Cucked
    • Voyeurism
    • Age Play
    • Exhibitionism
    • Golden Showers or Scatology
    • Breasts, Legs, Butt

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Would you like to explore this fetish?

Have you explored your favorite fetish and was/is it fun?

After you vote, please explain the reasoning for this fetish and what may have started it.

The poll doesn't close. It will remain open until a Moderator decides it's over or never!

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I found this while looking at another site and it intrigued me. So I thought I would put it here to see what this group thought.


15 years ago a Scorolli et al. (2007) looked at the relative prevalence of fetishes online. This study has since been cited numerous times...


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It seems to me that the fetish for breasts, butt and legs does not really need an explanation. I like it when during sex a girl's breasts swing beautifully, when her ass shakes or her leg puts her beautiful legs on my shoulders. I like to look at it and touch it. Can't stop squeezing beautiful body parts of a girl, it just drives me crazy

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Didn't vote because everything about a woman excites me so it is too hard to single out one thing more than another. To me, a female is my fetish. If she is obese with huge boobs then that intrigues me, if she is ugly but has an amazing body then she gets my attention, if she is fully dressed in the winter from head to toes but a nice looking face/lips/eyes then I stare at her. Basically what I am saying is mostly any and all women are my fetish if they have at least one redeeming quality about her. Even a cute giggle, laugh or smile can be a fetish for me. In terms of sex or other sextracurricular activities, they are an added bonus to the female. Some women don't like being labelled as a "sex object" so I refer to them as "objects" of my full erect attention. Sometimes women's rough, cold or bitchy personality can interfere with 'my love of women fetish' but I can still look, fantasize and desire her beauty/body features. When my eyes, mind, heart and cock are in unison with what is in front of me (in my presence or on the internet) then my female fetish is fully peaked - mmmmmmm.

  These gifs shows the effects a woman has on me. Last time I posted several gifs within a comment they were unceremoniously removed - we'll see.


 Tom And Jerry Heart Eyes GIF - Tom And Jerry Heart Eyes Hearts GIFs            Naked Remove Dress GIF - Naked Remove Dress Smiles GIFs   Beating Heart GIF - Beating Heart Heartbeat GIFs



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I'm a foot fetishist. I'm madly in awe of beautiful women's feet, especially with brightly colored polish on the nails. But that's not my only fetish. It's not on the list here, and I wonder if anyone here has the same fetish. I adore it when a girl gives me Cum Eating Instructions https://footjungle.com/category/foot-cei/ helps me satisfy my whims when I am alone. I have trouble finding a partner for this. My revelation causes incomprehension with girls, and not many agree to be in the role of dominatrix and make me eat my cum.

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Not a fetish, but curly and frizzy hair, a pretty face, and a healthy slender body will be noticed (ie, Venera & Eva). Tit size doesn't matter to me. It helps if they look intelligent and creative (ie, Maya & Leora). I'm not big on tats or metal; but I will overlook such things given enough visual stimulus from elsewhere.

There are other things that attract a man to a women. If I smell a fragrance resembling a perfume that a high-school girlfriend used 50 years ago, I'll instantly think of that girlfriend. If she has a certain soothing distinctive voice, she can slay me.

If she doesn't have a good sense of humor, she can go fuck herself. Maybe you can say good humor is a fetish that makes life bearable.

My only true fetish might be when I can make love and have a woman squirt in uncontrollable ecstacy. Maybe that's a fetish. Maybe it's just to affirm a a job well done...

At my age I realize that the best fetish is to have is about mating with a slightly submissive woman who has tons of money, a master's degree, is an only child, who was orphaned, and doesn't nag you.

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You have the Mod power. Go ahead and add it. I can't see a way for the OP to edit the poll, only the posts by the OP. 

Or replace it with the Cucked option. I can't see why anyone would be into that, but who am I to say what people are supposed to like.

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