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Leora & Paul - Home Activities (2023) #13


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4 hours ago, dougiestyle4u said:

Well, my one month of self-imposed cone of silence for this topic has come to an end. Pretty obvious that without @Anode, @RAME and myself posting daily comments that this topic has become complacent. Where are the members that are such lovers of Leora and Leora & Paul and all their gushy lovey-dovey comments? Some camcaps participants they are!!! They only appear when they dislike some of our comments that we have the right to post. The Leora lovers rarely post in the Fan Page Leora. Another thing - has Leora upped her game and did some "new" performances because of less negative talk? Absolutely not. Nothing changed. So, bottom line - whatever we post in this topic has nothing to do with how Leora does her real life activities and her intentional teases and performances. 

By the way, RLC is a voyeur cam site so watch it with your eyes and listen with your ears and treat it as such. The forum is separate from RLC in such a way that this is a site for comments which can be positive, negative or neutral.

When camcaps members make negative or discouraging comments about a tenant or apartment the righteous members say "if you don't like it - follow different apartments or go look at porn on the internet". Well the same applies to camcaps members that don't like our comments - follow other topics or leave camcaps altogether. Remember, feel free to use the "ignore button" feature which definitely won't hurt my feelings.

Haven’t you still realized it how this part of the forum works ? In order for Leora to be successful and continues being whoever she is , there’s only one way to continue successful , that is for all of the negative , different , challenging , questioning forum members who see this apartment completely different and make opinions , suggestions , they speak themselves and not praising the nothingness and repeated things happening for nearly a year since Paul arrived ( truly , have you ever seen a couple not going out dressed nice , in a restaurant , a club to dance , have friends that they can be invited in their apartment , a woman who isn’t sexually satisfied and she’s banging herself masturbating in order to feel pleasure ) , the silence that you and others have chosen , not criticizing and in this way Leora and Paul stay away from criticism , this is exactly what the people who still believe in one of the most repeated boring apartments at whole of RLC want.


The worshippers have even stated if you make a thoroughly search at the forum archives , they appear because leora can’t have a voice and they will silence you so as for her to be always and forever on top . There are NO OPINIONS HERE , NO ANALYSIS , THERE ARE NO CONTROVERSIES , Leora and Paul stay uncriticized and nobody questions them . Then they will tell you that are a happy couple and this is the reality obviously … if this couple is the definition of the word “ happiness “ i wonder what Karol and Kos are , what Venera and Lion represent , what Gyana and Dantez are .. the silence , your silence has been in favor of this apartment as there has been no questioning and no negative criticizing .. and Leora’s legend ( who ONCE UPON A TIME she was INDEED the best to watch ) continues without problems . Speak about being clever ..


To prove you of my point , look exactly the people who will throw all of the “ EMOJIS “ 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣 They are exactly the ones who will react who have been the happiest people that you and others stayed away from posting here .. 3,2,1 check the emojis and see who the happy people of how this apartment works are 🤪


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