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Leora & Paul - Home Activities (2023) #15

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Continuing on the Leora " Sociability " debate I would respectfully point out a couple of points worth considering.

As someone who has been forthright in occasionally critiquing Leora for not living up to her sexual potential within the confines of the apartment ( A personal view I might add ) I have not got into her social agenda at all as it doesn't interest or affect me in the slightest.

Socially I have always accepted and respected that she is an introvert, who has had her fair share of problems in her teens, not solely the passing of her mother which would be traumatic enough to any youngster, and would possibly influence her actions and thinking in adulthood, but other incidents that have possibly encouraged her to build a protective wall around herself that only a very few are encouraged to enter on her terms. 

What I find strange is that although I am not a lover of Paul I appreciate and respect that he is her choice, and they have had over ten years experience of living together, so my question would be ....

Several of the people on here who think it appropriate to give her advice on the best way to live their lives or criticise Paul as HER choice should think about what I write next.......How many of you are divorced for whatever reason? How many of you live alone and don't socialise? How many of you are single and unattached ???

If you fall into the divorced category then just by the fact your marriage failed excludes you from advising others on how to have a successful relationship. The same applies if you are single or unattached or don't socialise. What about those of you who had unqualified jobs and who now live in social housing subsidised by the state ........I would imagine L&P would find your advice not only invaluable but hilarious...

No folks, leave their domestic, social, and personal life out of it, and let them get on with life the way they choose......None of us know their full story, although some would like you to believe they do.  

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10 minutes ago, pulo filipe said:

Leora exit 

Paul At the workplace on the computer 

I think Leora is still in the house, she should be near Paul but the cameras can't get where she is.

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