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Paul or Demid - Who is the worst sexual performer?????

van the man

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What a question!

Paul is totally useless but he might just be learning. He now goes down on Leora albeit for only a few moments. He cums quickly but has the lovely Leora doing her moves and holding her perfect tits so he has an excuse for cumming so fast.

Demid is blessed with a large dick but doesn't have a clue how to use it. He has no imagination. No idea of varying positions. He NEVER goes down on Dasha and lasts about 5 minutes when pounding her.

Both are obsessed with cleaning up the second they have come and rarely cuddle their girls after sex. They both never give their girls enough tissues to their girls to dry up their cum!!

Both have girls who get more pleasure from their own fingers then their partners dicks.

Who is the worst performer.....Ummmm ...a fucking useless draw I would say!!!!!! 

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Both don't have any feeling what women like. However, Demid is also ruthless. He takes her also with considerable pressure, almost rape if he is just randy. Whether Dasha likes it or not. He is an egoist at the sex.

Paul does without if Leora no says.

Finally, a universal language we can all understand, Yoda Speak.

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Sexual acts are far more complex than just a dick and a pussy. Women can orgasm with nipple stimulation, if  you're good at it. These women are extremely complicated. Sometimes they want hard dick, sometimes they just want to be worshiped and loved; and sometimes they want a man in control. Cuddling is very popular with younger women. 

And sometimes they're just lesbians: and they want the same thing. Kinda sorta.

Sometimes they just want your money and financial support.

Leora and Paul are dealing with emotional and mental -- not sexual issues. She could easily teach him what she needs if that was her desire: their relationship revolves around something more important than just fucking.

They're more complex that the imagination of 13-year-old boy's sexual fantasies.

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