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This isn't really worth the effort.


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Karen,.. Don't worry about the twelve dollars.  I would gladly pick up the tab for you.

Just say the word doll,.. It would be money well spent as far as I am concern.

And just remember,.. You have friends here.

PS.  Oh I know that you can afford it, and that you were probably just frustrated by the usual things that seems to fuck with our heads at time.  But there are some savvy people here that can help you get back in. 

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Sorry to say good bye to everybody, but my paid CC account was deleted (or something) and the help protocols don't seem to be working.  So, I created a new account just to say so long.  I suppose I got $12 worth of entertainment out of my membership. 

If you want to contact me via email, my email address is:

[email protected]


Your old account is still active, and you weren't banned. Feel free to send me an e-mail, I can reset your password if you can't get in. We certainly appreciate your contributions around here.

Thank You,

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Thank you, everybody.  It appears that this may have been no more than a computer glitch and is being worked out presently.  Sorry for the drama.  I don't know what happened, but I suspect it may have been my fault in any case.  Thanks, everybody, for the kind words and thoughts.

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