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8) So ive decided that im bored so tonight ill be holding a cam session,if anyone wants to join just go ahead and message me. i might even get nude who knows? it allllllll depends on how i feel

Im sure all you pervs would like that :p seeing a 20 yr old on cam nude hm hm?


April Fools.

(cause im too shy for cam)

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Traffic noise? You should live on my street. It's like a dragway at all hours of the day and night.

As for you not liking your looks, we can't change that. But I thought that you looked just fine. But you first have to like yourself inside, before you can like yourself outside. It's the person inside that counts the most.

In my house, we have doors that we can close for privacy. Not that I'd be camming with someone while my wife was in the next room. Many times I'm here in my office typing and she'll come in and try peeking over my shoulder. I just tab over to a boring news site.

I can see it now...I'm laying on the bed or sitting in the chair, naked, pumping a raging hard on in my hand while staring at a hot young girl that I don't even know, who is laying in front of her cam slamming a toy in and out of her puss and we're trying to see who can make who cum first.

Oh yeah. That would go over about as good as a fart in Church.

Now, about this problem that you wouldn't have anything to do for us. Send me your new address and I'll nip over to the local adult store and get you some sexy outfits and a few toys that you can try 'in' for size.  ;)

I have one a few blocks away that sells dungeon materials, BDSM equipment, straight stuff, gay stuff, clothing, toys, games, you name it, they have it.

HugNkisses to ya kittycat.  :-*

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well if i did it would be a super rare sight  :P cause it would have to be on a night when my roommate wasnt in and you couldnt hear all the traffic around me and i actually liked my looks.

Finding a woman that is happy with their appearance is a rare thing indeed, but i'm sure appreciation of your looks by admiring men would surely lift your body confidence  :D

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