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this shit aint funny!!

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this guy is prick he has to pick up a knife for a girl hes a bum i feel sorry for her a little bit.but that is what happends when you date loosers and us nice guys get left behind.

Este chico es imbecil y además de cobarde, se atreve a amenazar con un cuchillo a su novia y seguro que a cualquier mujer pero llega un amigo suyo que es mucho más bajo que él y le dá una buena paliza cómo ocurrió la otra noche que empezaron a pelear. Este tio es un marica!

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Fucking boy! Small boy who should still be at home sucking his mommys teets.

This is as far from beeing a man one could humanly get..

He is a pathetic excuse for a human beeing and should be put in jail!!

Fucking troglodyte and a coward!!

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