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Well that's about it for me, after some fourteen million post; most of which now lay there like a pile of shit just smoldering away in the ether land, I'm pretty much done.

Nothing left but to thank those that have been here throughout the past two or three years, and who have made this a lot of fun for me.  As well as some really great newcomers such as Karen and a few others like StdCld, and Rubberball.  And again back to the old guard with people like Pepe', and Ozi, who is now in the witness protection program out there somewhere.  I just want to say thanks to you all.

And especially to people such as Foamy, and Tbg.  I wish you all the very best.



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If you leave, I'm going to post up, "Woody Regurgitated". It'll take me a while. I mean you only have 400 odd posts in that section to resurrect.

Plus, The Rodent and I will have to come out to the Big "D", tie you up behind a Cadillac and drag you through the dust and dirt and mud just to teach you a lesson about leaving us holding the bag like this. You are at about the halfway point for both of us to meet in the middle.

So, create a new account and come back fresh. We'll beat you over the head with negative karma to make you feel right at home.

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As far as the account goes.  What's wrong with the old shoes I've been wearing?  I mean they have carried me this far anyway.  And thank you my friend.  If nothing else, I need a breather as someone else I care about had mentioned to me in a e-mail. 

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Stitch on some new soles and be just like Mr. Natural, and keep on truckin'.

Take a break, if that's what it takes. You know how to get a hold of us. When you decide to come back and quench your thirst, we'll have a cold one on ice for you at the Old Dudes Bar.

We'll keep the light on for you.  :)

I'd just hate for the Libs to think that they broomed out another one.

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