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close this house please

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Yes, but on the other side there is a living insight into a Real Life. I mean we are not here to decide what happens to them. As I said a real life and not a Social Life Experiment

Sorry but that is a cop out. All experiments have limits. Only cowards stand by and watch a woman or child being attacked. Granted intervening in this case is difficult but no one should make excuses for RLC not attempting to stop an attack on someone. This should be addressed now by RLC before someone is killed on camera. 

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You can not simply hide behind a concept. There is always a limit to which the concept is not as important as rules of the society.

If you see a murder you can not say: "Interressting, let's see, if he comes away with it."

Threre is always a limit. And for me, physical violence is clearly behind this limit. Therefore, it is no longer important if we can follow the story. It is much more important that the victim is supported.

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