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am i supposed to continue to pay 50$ per month to see that ?


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We all know that half of these cams persons hide themselves, they are agree to be paid and to have a free partment, a free location. Right ... but even if I think that the RLC owner have to think about legal/illegal sides of his bizness, cams hidding is totally not acceptable, because we pay their rental apartments ...






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les caméras ont été couvertes certainement pour la visite d'un docteur, c'est tout!!! c'est arriver une fois chez alina, ou les 3 infirmières ont été filmées à leur insu!!! et je ne pense pas que cela soit légal!!!

the cameras were certainly covered for visiting a doctor, that's all !!! it's already arrived at "alina" or 3 nurses were filmed without their knowledge !!! and I do not think it is legal !!! ??? ???

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i apologize for doing two identical posts and large pictures. i see too much rlc cams hiding and controlling what they want to stream and to show you, for me, it's not a real life. i will stop to pay next month, thanks all for your responses

(corboblanc you are totally right, it clearly proof that all this bizness is illegal, and this is why i need to stop paying )

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