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What I would like to see


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I think that most of the women I have seen on here in my relatively short time are quite lovely. I agree it is fun to watch them have sex and occasionally masturbate.

What I would really like to see is something completely unexpected. A real "whoa, I did not see that coming" moment. Can I say what specifically? No, just like the rest of you, I would love to be surprised.

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I also find it interesting that so many of these couples wind up on a modified schedule. A majority are up until the early hours and sleep very late into the day.

I find this to be a common occurrence. Barring work (Which I'm not sure all of the tenants do), most people stay awake until they are too tired to continue. Most people also like to stay in bed as long as possible. With no reason to get up, and therefore you are no tired until much later, the whole "awake until 3am, sleep until 12" is what I would expect.

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Isabel trying to stab Marcelo with a knife was a definite "whoa" moment, lol.

Yea, now that's the type of action we need ...........not 2 zombies laying on a sofa all day and looking at their phones watching any action in the other apartments.  We need suspense, sex, whoa moments and

more, much more action in the apartments !  This we had with Kami and Kristy . As for Kami and her passport

and Visa............watching those should have been the responsibility of Nora, the Mother Mouse and Kiko, her

worm !  For all we know these girls may have already been permanent resident aliens of Spain and they just went back to the large Russian community that occupies Barcelona !    surpriseWhen they went to Ibiza a week ago

their passports and visa's would have been checked at the airport, so termination dates should have been no !

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