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how cold can it be?

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I have Native Siberian in my DNA. i live in California, when it gets down to 70 degrees I put on a sweatshirt or sweater.  Anything below 70 degrees....I put on thermal underwear and my snowboarding jacket and pants.  There are not enough clothes in Krasnoyarsk to cover me.  I don't know how they can live there.  I guess the rent is cheap.....they also must keep the heat up really high in the apartment the way Maya walks around half naked sometimes.  I know same with Leora's apartment...in the same town I think? 

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Krasnoyarsk is located at the latitude of Moscow. So it is not so scary. :biggrin:

In the summer the average temperature is 16.6 ° C and -15.4 ° C in winter. (61,88°F & 4,28°F respectively).

In summer the temperature can rise to 25°C in the winter drop to -25°C (77°F & -13°F respectively).

Absolute temperature maximum in Krasnoyarsk is 36.4 ° C (94,28°F) was recorded in July 2002, and the absolute minimum temperature amounted to -52.8 ° C (-63,04°F) was recorded in January 1931.

In Krasnoyarsk, a dry continental climate. Therefore, negative temperatures are transferred much more easily than, for example, in St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, due to the high humidity of the air, -10 / -15 ° C are felt approximately as -20 / -25 ° C in Krasnoyarsk.

At 70°F (21°С), we walk in shorts and T-shirts. :biggrin:

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I'm with Chloe's Clone. I hate cold. I like it 80-90F. The wife likes the house at 70F at night and I have to bundle up in a blanket. I don't layer on the clothing, because, well, I hate clothing. I don't live in So. Florida because the people are nice. I like it hot and the pool has to be 80F and warmer.

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