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more friends checking in? She's kinda cute......

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The redhead (and couple) has been at a lot of N&B's parties. In the past couple  days there she hasn't showered and they haven't had sex. Now they have a couple girls and a guy over now  probably to smoke that pipe. She did unpack a bag in the bedroom so they might be here at least a week

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Just now, mr1010 said:

I have two sides of me! The side that wants sex and the side that wants relationships! Neither wins!

I'm the same way mr1010, but for me I want to see a story unfold where the participants are two gorgeous women that make mad PASSIONATE LOVE to each other!!  Be it K&K or two of the beauties in the all girls apartment......It doesn't make a fuck to me!!!

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On ‎2016‎-‎03‎-‎19 at 8:54 PM, cowboy46 said:

Six Guy party this morning..So..Where is the Girl..???...

People are paying to view Nelly and Bogdan. But instead they get a Russian Faggot Convention.


Which One is Ben Dover  &  Phil McCrackin' ?

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She's just disappointing. He's tried from time to time but in general she just shuts him down by staring into the computer. Yesterday there was a moment where she let him help change her bra in the bedroom while the guy and 2 girls were hanging out.  When they left, he was interested but she quickly set herself up behind the computer for the next few hours and shut him down. I have to think she's showering offsite too. Bring back Efim and the GF.

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