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Should Efim and her gf be given an apartment

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YES, Darnita is extremely talented young lady if you take the time to really watch her, she is probably most accomplished musician next to guitargst on all of RLC. She is on hell of violinist, and I would love to see her spend some time with Nelly, and help to become an accomplished violinist as well. She is very beautiful, has tremendous sex drive, and has turned Efim into a different person than he was with Diana, I loved Diana as well, the best voice on all of RLC, but the relationship between her and Efim sucked, and ultimately failed. The relationship that Efim and Darnita have has developed into a strong, trustworthy, loving, and caring relationship. Of all the couples we have seen in Nelly and Bogdan's apartment, these two certainly deserve the chance. WE could do far worse, and get another Chole and Joshua instead I guess !!!!!!!!!

Darnita is Suix and stands for "drawn with a lance".

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The question is how far do you trust Efim? I would personally give Efim's GF (Darnita?) her own apartment which she keeps even after they split up so we can watch more of her adventures. She's a very entertaining girl and I would give her custody of the whip. I bet Nelly would love to come around and use it.

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