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RLC Fairy Tales


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I am completely bored and depressed having missed Masha last night so I wrote some fairy tales with an RLC slant.

Snow White

Queen Leora looked in the mirror and said "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"
Everybody in the kingdom sighed because every single mirror in the kingdom was magically wired up to show her image when she said this.
"Mummy why does she never leave?" appealed the child, who had never seen her own face.  Leora bit into an apple and glowed.

Hansel and Gretel

The 2 children were lost in the forest until they came to a clearing and found a partially eaten gingerbread house. Entering by a hole in the wall they saw the huge bottom of a woman with her head in the oven munching away. They left Adele to it.

Little Red Riding Hood

"What a big mouth you have!" said Little Red Riding Hood.
"All the better for eating you" replied the figure on the bed.
 "What a big bottom you have ... wait a minute you're not my grandmother!"
"No" replied Adele as she took another bite out of a wolf's leg.


Prince Charming arrived at the last house in the kingdom.
"I have here a mould of where my dream girl sat on the royal couch last might. I have yet to find a bottom that fits."
After the 2 sisters failed to fill the cast, a loud burp was heard from the kitchen.
"I could murder another pumpkin" Cinderadella shouted.

Kristylocks and the 1 Bear

"Who's been sleeping in my place next to Kami?"

Cock Robin

"Who killed Cock Robin?"
"I don't know but Masha's swallowed the whole of Cock Sasha."

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