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New Prices for VV

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This is on their website today.  The archive that's part of the current premium is going to 10 bucks a month more. And they are dumping the current premium. 


Updates on new apartment and last chance to get premium with discount

We've got big news for you. First of all, the whole new location is coming soon to Voyeur Villa.
Sofia - is a place for young hipsters to live a full life, run parties and have fun 24/7.
New action, more cams and more voyeur then ever.

Wait, there's more to come. We are working on adding 4th apartment to Voyeur Villa. Our specialists will be setting up new location so we would be able to show it to you starting next month!

With big news on apartments, we are cancelling premium discounts, which still will be available through this month only.
It's your last chance to get premium days with discounts right now

As soon as 4th apartment goes live, archive feature will be moved to all new Premium account for $40/month.
Standard premium users will have access to all cams, but no archive features will be available. That's the biggest update since we enrolled Archive feature, which was in public beta-test all this time.


So, up to June 2016 you have an option to buy more premium days with discount and automatically move to new Premium account with Archive feature until your current subscription is over.

More exciting news are coming this month, so stay tuned!

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I do want to add they have some balls to be raising prices when they should be fixing the bad camera angles and poor lighting in the first two apartments (not to mention some of the personnel) and the  cameras that stop loading at big parties. And I'm guessing the Archive videos will wind up being a lot less. A lot of  people who don't pay the rewind feature  for won't be using that record button.

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This whole situation is just sad. Perhaps they can have the old guy fuck all of the girls until he croaks and then have all the couples get married so they can have 4 weddings and a funeral. 

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I don't think they thought this whole thing through.  Now people have to click on the record button to record interesting parts and put in the archives, but what's the point for one to "record" a part if he can't access it?  Would a regular subscriber opt to record something so a premium member can watch it later?  I don't think so.  At least, I won't do this since I don't see the point in it.

If regular members (at this point there are only regular members since the premium is only on sale since today) aren't going to "record" shows the archive will get stale quickly without new content.  And thus there will be even lesser incentive to buy a premium membership.  And let's not forget the hassle you have to get through to find a specific date, at this point you have to click page by page until you find what you're looking for which isn't fun when you need something from the middle of the archive which means at this point you have to click more then 500 times to get to where you want to be in the archive.

It's doomed to fail (big time)


... Unless one of the VV team members are going to watch the cams 24/7 to see if something happens to record it ...

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