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RLC Remote


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It's meant to be used on a smartphone. You can control what camera is displayed on any rlc session you have and monitor the top cams, your smartphone becomes your remote hence the name. I must say it's a pretty cool feature but I'm not sure if it will be useful for many people.

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We are happy to present a new tool: RLC Remote

Open reallifecam.com on the large screen of your desktop, kick back on the sofa, startRemote on your favorite mobile device and remotely control the site with ease.

You can:

- Switch apartments and cameras;
- Change display modes;
- Turn Auto mode on/off.

You can also view a preview of the currently popular cameras at any time.

RLC Remote is absolutely free for all Premium members.

Open RLC Remote on your mobile device at http://remote.reallifecam.com

If you notice any errors or if you have suggestions for improvement, e-mail us at[email protected]

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12 hours ago, smurfy08 said:

I hope their next project is to get rid of flash...and make an html5 version for everyone...and free of course for all RLC members ! 

The html5 seems to work quite well.  I think all sites will be running with that player soon.  Then say goodbye to the Flash Player.

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