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If I would have known then, what I know now..


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I only left this video here for proof.   

Boy, If I had only known this while I was still young, I would have had to pay a visit to Holland, and try on some of those wooden shoes there, if you know what I mean.

Apparently, there were these two men back in 2004, who stole two Van Gogh paintings.   And when they were caught they only had to serve four years in prison.   And their prisons are soft and accommodating unlike ours, as they don't have very many black Dutchmen doing time there.

Anyway, they never told where the painting are or went, and are now free men, just biding their time.

You see, in Holland, if you possess stolen property for more than thirty years, it then legally becomes your property.

That just shows you how smart these thieves were, and how stupid the Europeans are. 

If you were to steal one of these museum art treasures when your 19, or 20, you would have a very nice nest egg by the time you reach 50.

To me, that's a venture worth the risk.   And besides, I always did like art anyways.  


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I found the following book in the public library. It's a terrific read if you can find it, borrow it, or buy it.

Or maybe steal it! :biggrin: Somehow, I like this research/detective stuff much more than looking at T&A all day.


(But no, don't steal it. Really.)

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Actually while i was making my way back to a hotel in Amsterdam very late at night a black guy approached me and started offering me all kinds of stuff claiming I must be in Amsterdam for some reason - OK maybe I did want to sample delights over than the museums and canals - but once he'd reach the gambit of "You want young girl, I can get young girl." I think I broke into a run. I don't really know why people go into those window shops - very cheap but apparently everything is extra - about 25% are BBBW and 10% are ladybodys - but there are enough nice looking ones to make it worth a tour, at least there were when I went.

And woodworker, you are aware that the dozens of European countries are very different so generalisations don't really work any more than a Texan would have much in common with someone from Rhode Island, Colorado or South Carolina.

BTW I wish we English used the letter 'z' more like you.  

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