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1 hour ago, Linked said:

She was a nice little piece as well.  Lol. Sometimes I miss the unmarried days lol.

I like the way you said........sometimes I miss the unmarried days.    I think that is only natural at times but I would take married over unmarried any day!   The women I've dated since I lost my wife all carry a box car full of baggage with them.......haven't met one yet that hasn't anyway lol.   Marriage for me was simplistic, fun, thoughtfulness, giving, it was great......yes sir, married over unmarried any day!

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After my wife passed away, an old high school girlfriend and I took a trip to Vegas. A few pics of the weekend down memory lane. She was very lovely young lady in school, and is even more beautiful woman at 50. Oh and BTW not many can accomplish the task in the last pictures. 












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Sorry guys, but I've been married for 40 years and have only taken one picture of her (us) naked. That was in 1976, using a polaroid camera and I lost that picture years ago.  That's why I can never run for office, because I'm sure if I ever did, that picture would somehow show up on the front page of the National Enquirer.  :blush:

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