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Belle Fan Fiction

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What the hell. I wrote this, this afternoon while I thought nothing was happening, but of course it was so I missed stuff. I have not proof red it which normally involve me rewriting several lines to produce better flow etc. Enjoy it or don't but here I go:

Khalesi and Slave

Chapter 1

The young girl stood proudly naked in front of the camp fires entirely unnecessary except to provide extra lighting and atmosphere in the sweltering hot climate. Her tribe had just won a battle and were preparing to celebrate their victory. Immediately before her were cages with the spoils of war in the form of the vanquished most attractive females. One caught her eye in particular, a dark girl with fine large breasts, an arse that looked like it had the power to break the bars itself and the prettiest of faces. When the slaves would be assigned to those most worthy, the watching girl would get what she wanted. After all she was Khalesi Belle.

Behind her, her lord and master had a magnificent view of a bottom that offered everything exquisitely curved, firm but possessing a delightful wobble when she walked or danced. Her long thick unbraided bunches reached to her legs as with all from this tribe who neither cut any hair from their head unless it actually impeded their personal safety nor allowed any other external hair on their bodies. His wife may not have had the spectacular breasts of some of the slaves, although they were quite perky and turned up at the end, but all of the Dothraki were arse worshipers.

The men and women before him were getting impatient. Drink had been drunk, meat had been consumed and now they reached if not the climax of the evening the most anticipated part. At the Khal’s signal a naked slave girl brought forth some oil from a local crop and drizzled it down the body of his wife, front and back. The firelight reflected off the oil making her skin seem alive. By now all eyes were on her dimunitive form as she reached behind else massaging her buttocks and guided the liquid streams into the crevice between her cheeks. Then her fingers followed it exposing both cunt and butthole as she arched forwards with legs gradually spreading apart.

The Khal rose, a full foot taller than his mate, and began to tug on his manhood. It needed almost no help as the site of the sexy rear in front of him was still as tempting as when she had first revealed it during her coming of age ceremony just a few short months ago when she had reached 18, the official age of full womanhood. The Dothraki may not seem an overly religious and obedient bunch but certain things in this tribe’s culture were sacrosanct and their children were to remain unblemished until the time was right. He took over the rubbing of her genital area as her hands dropped to the floor but she continued to look straight ahead.

Stella watched mesmerised as for the second time in a few weeks she witnessed one of these barbarian tribes in action. Raised in brothel and until very recently a concubine to one of the richest and most powerful men in Westeros until his untimely demise at the hands of pirates, she had become accustomed to the finer things in life and knew she could teach her captors some new tricks. It seemed as though people from this side of the sea had a very limited knowledge of the possibilities of sexual positions not practised by animals. She had just settled down to her life of slavery with one of the burly commanders of her previous tribe when he had had his head separate from his body. There was something about this girl who stared at her that she liked instantly, possibly her delight at her current position.

With her body prepared the Khalesi, formerly known many years ago as Belle Tully to the few that knew her secret, which was none of the current observers, braced herself for the painful entry. Had he been entering her pretty cunt that would be bad enough but the tradition of this tribe held that vaginal copulation of the Khal and his mate could only take place hidden from public view in order for the mystery of any child’s origins to be preserved. Nonsense to most of course but this was a sincere belief.

As she felt his bulbous glans push into her anus, Belle let out a scream, but this was not a scream pain because that was surely just around the corner but one of magnificent triumph that she was who she was. Luckily for her the monster cock that had been dangling behind her a couple of minutes did not quite expand to the same extent as most others so erect it was only 8 inches instead of the 10 it had promised, but it was still prodigiously thick. Girls’ insides are marvellous and though everyone possesses a sphincter few were as accommodating as the young Khalesi’s had already become, not that that was apparent to the Kahl as gradually pushed his way further in.

The slaves had a clear view of the Khalesi’s lower teeth as they squeezed her upper lip after very slow thrusting led to more than half of his mighty member had disappeared inside her. She glimpsed them smiled the stuck her tongue out. Progress was such that the Khal could now build up a rhythm to the approval of the audience who were half pre-occupied with the own sexual partners. Then he grabbed each of the bunches of Belle’s luxuriant mane as though they were the reins on a chariot. The illusion would have been completed if the kneeling chieftain had a whip and being the warrior she was the pseudo horse would not have objected.

Instead of oil it was now perspiration that was streaming down or rather up Belle’s pulsating body as she rocked back and forth in time with her partner’s ramming, every so often feeling the tightening of her hair. The Kahl was not going to slow down and to the pain was added the glorious pleasure as the pressure was put on her vagina by the expansion of the passage above. She was getting satisfied as well. As his grunts increased in volume so too did her squeals leaving her eyes open but every so often she glanced at Stella who was beginning to lick her lips and rub her own pussy.

As suddenly as it began the leader slowed his thrusts but pushed even deeper into the rectum of his consort leading her to scream uncontrollably. Belle bucked with her orgasm issuing a loud “My Kahl” and seconds later felt the warm cum spurt up her back passage. Stella watched amazement at the next action. Khal and Khalesi looked at each other with satisfaction, pride and lust. The man rose from his kneeling position and Belle swivelled 180 degrees clutched her fine arse cheeks and illuminated by the fire the royal fluid dripped from the queen’s anus. Those that saw it let out a huge cheer which rippled through the camp, although by that time the tribe was noisy anyway, . This proof of their leader’s virility was the signal for an orgy of love making. Belle beamed a broad smile at her man and then whispered about what he could do for her.


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Why thank you, bubbleobillo at least 1 person liked my RLC/GOT crossover. I was inspired when I saw My Belle with her long Bunches in the LR which is when I fell for her and immediately thought of her as a barbarian princess, then when I heard she liked having her hair pulled during sex, the rest followed.

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My guess is that she's been asked to ensure B1 looks open and therefore isn't upstairs. I don't think Stella wanted to move to B2 and from reports she was been most unhappy. It's shame she isn't here to keep my girl company.

Oops wrong thread.

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