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Since day 1 of VV,  quality of the video ( cams) has been significantly lower than RLC.  Obvious that they don't have the money to invest in high quality HD cams.  They have fewer apartments and I am sure much fewer paying members.  On the other hand, they have this fantastic feature called  Archives.  With RLC, if you are not watching when action occurs, they you are out of luck. With VV, you could be away and, usually, there is someone watching that clicks on the record button. Problem is that too many viewers are clicking on that button for no reasons.  We have hundreds of videos where there is not even someone appearing on the video.  Or hour long videos where the tenants are simply sleeping with no action.  But at least, we can see good action when we missed it.

We would all like great action with top HD quality.  But I guess perfection doesn't exist.  2/3 of the apartments in RLC are dead.  Who's interested to watch Lev playing on his tablet, Demid having sex under the blanket, etc.  So I prefer better action (like in voro last night and in Tula the previous night ) with a lesser quality than no action at all

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53 minutes ago, jabbath1987 said:

Yeah RLC could shut down 50% of all appartements and nobody will notice

A conservative estimate. I would say it's closer to 75%. But I guess they'll say, we're missing the point. But still, numbers don't lie and they know good and well which cams get played and which ones don't. 

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Im sure RLC makes a bundle with the lesbian (or all girls) apartments.  Simply look at the number of comments here on CC.  Many guys are losing their mind on those girls.  Every movement is analysed, translation of the conversations are provided, etc. And many gets mad if a guy enter those apartments.  All the bad words that were said about Kamy and Kristy's male lovers would be enough to publish a best seller book.  I would not be surprised if RLC would, in a near future, become an all girl site.  The only thing preventing that is their difficulty to retain the girls.  Like revolving doors. Every other day, there is one leaving and a new one arriving.  Impossible to keep track.  Regardless, they must have  lots of subscribers that are paying just for those girls.

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