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Concerns about the project


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Here is a message I sent tonight.

Voyeur_Villa is a great concept that seems  to have lost its momentum and I'm afraid is in danger of failing.

There is no activity in any of the three Moscow apartments
- Tver is a disaster with one couple there that appears to be going through the motions, totally scripted and without any passion or emotion. They are busier videotaping their sex acts than having a real life. the second couple has been gone for a couple of weeks and there haven't been any guests even much less any potential new participants. 25% of the project useless.
-Tula is nearly as bad even though there have been some guests if not potential participants. Petra has the couple doing staged sexual acts and spends her time video camming. Jacquie has been moping since her return from Sophia and has contributed nothing to the project in over a month. She would obviously like to return to Sophia, but if that is not possible, we shouldn't be contributing to her free room. Alex and Anna have been stuck on a couch for a month while there is an empty bedroom in Tver. They also seem to have lost their enthusiasm for the project. 25% of the project mostly useless.
- Voro has two young couples that while exhibiting relationship difficulties common to every young couple at least interact and participate as real people, not programmed actors as in the other two apartments. This apartment however has not seen a guest other than residents of other Voyeur_Villa apartments in two months since the last couple moved in. Correction, Endy spent one night there. 25% of the project that while not perfect is working.
Sophia apartment was pitiful for the first month, no guests and basically two people never moving out of the apartment. Once the original couple left, there were some parties, some guests and some interest generated. Once the Russian vacationers left, it has been a failure in recruiting new participants even with the new location. The one girl that has been there for a month is wonderful and deserves some companions. However, you may be in danger of losing her since she seems to have found a love interest outside of the project. The new girl looks promising but has only been there a couple of days so it is too early to tell. 25% of the project that shows promise but hasn't developed yet.
So what does the project need? Bodies, new bodies. This is not the situation for all people, but in order for the project to continue to succeed, new  bodies have to be brought in to maintain the interest of your subscribers. The last new participants in the Moscow apartments arrived on August 20, nearly two months ago. There has not been a single male participant in the Sophia apartment that has survived for more than a couple of days. While I realize recruitment may be difficult, other similar sites find new bodies either as participants or as guests of participants. 
The cameras aren't the best quality, but that is not as great of a concern as having something happening in front of the cameras.
Thanks for letting me rant and i hope there are changes in the near future.
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"There is no activity in any of the three Moscow apartments." I'm sorry but what? Every apartment has a couple that has regular sex. So this statement is not true at all. I find it funny that you complain about Ivo and Sonia being scripted and not having a real life, yet you're complaining to VV expecting them to step in and control that. That isn't "real life" either.

I agree 100% about the cam quality and overall streaming service. But as for this comment, "So what does the project need? Bodies, new bodies. This is not the situation for all people, but in order for the project to continue to succeed, new  bodies have to be brought in to maintain the interest of your subscribers," you act as if there is a horde of hot able and sexually charged people lining up just to be on camera. It takes a long time to find good suitable people to live in these apartments, and I'm sure VV would rather have people stay there for extended periods of time rather than having a revolving door of people. That's a lot of hassle to interview people and do background checks on all of them. And just look at what happened when they brought in the girl with the swastika tattoo. People complained so much that they had to get her to leave. 

At the end of the day, they're never going to get tenants that will please everyone. That will never happen. The criteria is way too high. If they get a couple, they risk getting a couple that maintains a boring routine or doesn't want to engage with others. And when they did actually get a pair of swingers, they were unattractive and no one wanted to do anything with them. If they get singles, they may be hot to look at with good bodies but may not be sexually active. VV cannot constantly supply new people. This is why I get so frustrated and why I find it so silly when people complain and bicker over the silliest things about the tenants. Because they'll complain and complain about them, then they'll leave and then complain that nobody is in the apartment. And then find something to complain about something when they finally get there. People here need to learn to be patient and more understanding and stop crying to VV about every single tiny gripe they have. 

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By activity in the Moscow apartments, I meant bringing in new people to see if they fit.

Patience is one thing, cutting people and couples without attempting to replace them is another.

At least in Sophia there have been numerous guests and new people brought in to experience the project and decide if they want to participate.

The sex that Ivo and Sonja have, videotaped and programmed is in no way real or natural.

The performances orchestrated by Petra in Tula are in no way unscripted.

Read their mission statement  that is on every page and ask yourself if they are living up to that objective.

I don't think so and I pay my money and have the right to complain.

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i think also the site is in danger if that's stay like that,this site lack of ambitions and investment for me,it's too amateur and small for have a real future and good success.

i have contact the support recently if they want change cameras soon,they have answer me no they just can switch some cameras if they is sound problem for example,they have no ambitions for make a website of quality,the quality is very important for me specialy the video and sound.

this site don't look to have a plan B if someone left,i take the example when gerda/kent have left in tula,vv have take the solution of facility and put petra here,this is not what i'm waiting,i was waiting new peoples and not again petra and jacky coming here,we have see them in all angles ,same for katia/ruslan it's not normal to have nobody in replacement after 3 weeks now,this site lack of anticipation.

this site gonna loose one by one their members if they don't react faster, tula and tver need to be refreshed totally with new peoples and need a serious upgrade with the video and sound quality on vv generaly.

sofia appartment is nice but this cameras and sound quality kill all,i'm waiting more of this site now after one year and a half,if the site close the door in some months i will be not surprised but this is not what i want,i complain about the site for they progress i know vv read the forum.

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