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Why do people believe?


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Why does a substantial majority of the western world believe that our world was created by a single entity, with no evidence, based on stories written millennia ago by people with no  scientific education?  And yet many will not believe the 97%of scientists who warn us that there is a serious climate threat.

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I think you know the answer to that, as do I but I'll leave the floor open to the deniers so that they can insult you personally for even asking, call the majority of the scientific communtiy (that don't have their wages paid by big oil) phonies, repeat what Fox News wants them to repeat and generally get off on each other's ignorance! ;)

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So I guess you beleive that we never landed on the moon either, that it was just a conspiracy theory? or can we agree that NASA is based on science ? Or can we all agree that at MIT are some most cutting edge scientist in the world today ?

Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat

Updated data from NASA satellite instruments reveal the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite instruments began measuring the ice caps in 1979. Since the end of 2012, moreover, total polar ice extent has largely remained above the post-1979 average. The updated data contradict one of the most frequently asserted global warming claims – that global warming is causing the polar ice caps to recede.

The timing of the 1979 NASA satellite instrument launch could not have been better for global warming alarmists. The late 1970s marked the end of a 30-year cooling trend. As a result, the polar ice caps were quite likely more extensive than they had been since at least the 1920s. Nevertheless, this abnormally extensive 1979 polar ice extent would appear to be the “normal” baseline when comparing post-1979 polar ice extent.

Updated NASA satellite data show the polar ice caps remained at approximately their 1979 extent until the middle of the last decade. Beginning in 2005, however, polar ice modestly receded for several years. By 2012, polar sea ice had receded by approximately 10 percent from 1979 measurements. (Total polar ice area – factoring in both sea and land ice – had receded by much less than 10 percent, but alarmists focused on the sea ice loss as “proof” of a global warming crisis.)

NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses

A new NASA study says that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation that began 10,000 years ago is currently adding enough ice to the continent to outweigh the increased losses from its thinning glaciers.

The research challenges the conclusions of other studies, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 2013 report, which says that Antarctica is overall losing land ice.

According to the new analysis of satellite data, the Antarctic ice sheet showed a net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001. That net gain slowed   to 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008.

Are The Polar Ice Caps Melting? New NASA Study Shows Mass Gains Are Bigger Than The Losses

Global warming has been blamed on many different natural causes.  Around 1,000 A.D. until 1950 A.D. there were very large temperature deviations. This has partly been explained by volcanic eruptions and changes in the sun.  Around these times, people did not have the technology to impact the Earth in that way.  There have been warming periods early in the Earth’s history without human influence.  Dr. Krabill, who is the project scientist at NASA’s Wallaps Flight Facility, was part of the team that discovered the thinning of Greenland.  During 1993 and 1994, Krabill’s team took a survey of the altitude of the ice sheets surface on a portion of Greenland using an airborne laser.  In 1998, they repeated their test.  What they found was that the ice sheet lost 51 cubic kilometers.  Another NASA funded study took place where they removed ice cores from glaciers.  “These samples suggested that a natural accumulation of snowfall might be to blame,” said Dr. Mosley-Thompson, a research scientist for Byrd Polar Research Center at the Ohio State University.  Some scientists are also blaming ocean currents.  From 1990-1996, a flux of warm water into the North Atlantic as part of the North Atlantic Oscillation may hold some evidence.  The earth could also be warming as a response to last glacial period around 10,000 years ago.  Global cooling was also a big deal from the 1940’s to the late 1970’s.  Many tests have been performed to try to prove theories about global warming.  Scientists cannot perform experiments on the earth’s atmosphere.  They conduct these experiments in small models under controlled conditions.  They change the conditions to see how things react.  They also run computer simulations of global climate, although it is impossible to  create  a perfect model of our climate.  “The system is too complex, even the most complex climate model doesn’t get it right”, said Mosley-Thompson.   

Is Global Warming Part of Earth's Natural Cycle: MIT Team Says "Yes" -A Galaxy Insight

One thing does seem very clear, however; science is only beginning to get a focus on the big picture of global warming. Findings like these tell us it's too early to know for sure if man's impact is affecting things at "alarming rates." We may simply be going through another natural cycle of warmer and colder times - one that's been observed through a scientific analysis of the Earth to be naturally occurring for hundreds of thousands of years.

Solar Cycles & Climate Change

Solar Cycles Cause Global Climate Change, not Humans

Latest science reveals that sharp increases in global warming "precede" sharp increases in CO2—not the other way around. Global warming causes more CO2 to be released from the oceans. Current research also shows that Earth's oceans are now beginning to cool. It is also now clear that temperatures over the last century correlate far better with cycles in oceans than they do with carbon dioxide; and, the temperature cycles in oceans are caused by Solar and Lunar cycles. Beyond that, planetary cycles drive the solar cycle, particularly the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn. Yet the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) advocates, as well as the media, continue to ignore all of this, perpetuating fear and advocating spending billions of dollars on non-solutions for global warming, something that is not even occurring. Although humans contribute to greenhouse gases, the overall effect is a tiny fraction compared to natural causes. To say humans are the cause of global warming; and to also make predictions that global warming is occurring and will continue to increase is simply inaccurate. This is not to ignore the silver lining of the global warming scare, as humanity must certainly learn to respectfully participate in harmony with nature, with the breath of the Earth, with her land and oceans; and with the cycles of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. So let us act and change from knowledge about what is really going on rather than from misinformation fueled by politicians and big-business driving the media and contributing to mass-hysteria.

The "Solar Grand Maximum" has ended - a fact of science most often not considered by the advocates who profess that Global Warming is caused by man-made CO2.


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I don´t know where you have found such NASA news. Here is one NASA video that describes climate change and global warming in a way that should be easy to digest:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n21SGSgesmo

There are plenty of NASA videos on YouTube, please study them with open eyes and ears. Or have a look at the time history of atmospheric CO2:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2mZyCblxS4

And if you have 45 minutes to spare and really want to learn, have a look at the video "A single tonne of CO2" at http://www.circularecology.com/what-is-1-tco2e-video.html#.WIY01Ti7qM8. Maybe you will one day understand what climate change is all about, stop copying Trump´s tweets into your posts and start worrying about the future of your children and grandchildren if you have any. Trump´s youngest kid is 10 years old - what kind of future will he face if his father and the Republicans regard climate change as a joke?

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