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There are sites like reallifecam


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I'm sorry but those sites aren't like RLC at all!!! I consider those as "porn sites". RLC isn't a "Porn Site, imo.

Same here. The great thing about this is that you see (relatively) normal people doing their thing when they want it. Sometimes sex, sometimes not.

All those other sites are sites where people are giving cam shows for money. Pay enough and you might see more. Nah, not my thing

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Guest NL Forever

Just curious - if RLC is not a porn site then why does it charge for people to see the sexual activity and nudity (which mainly happens in the locked rooms) and why does underwear seem to be the standard attire around the apartments for all couples, if not to keep the viewers intrigued?

And why are these the only reviews shown on the RLC website itself?

Reviews About Us

The concept of live 24/7 house cams is just fine and they've done a decent job with the set-up in terms of the cam quality and site navigation.

2012-07-31, TheBestPorn.com

RealLifeCam.com is a sweet addiction that truly lives up to it’s name. The site is as much a social experiment as it is a splendid implementation of a Voyeur House.

2012-07-15, WebcamSexAdvice.com

Also, if RLC is not a porn site and CC is meant to be a forum for RLC then why is most of the CC content connected to sex/nudity......?

And, finally, why are the adverts on here not about cleaning products, or bread making apparatus, or flea treatment  ;D ?  After all, CC is meant to reflect RLC is it not (that's not a criticism of Admin BTW)

Just a few questions for fellow members to ponder.....playing devil's advocate maybe.....but I do wonder how many of us are actually here to discuss the occupants' general lives....and I am as guilty as the rest I suppose....

If RLC was truly a social experiment then it would have decent, wholesome sponsorship (McDonalds or Disney, perhaps  ;D ) and it would not be charging to see the "naughty bits"....IMHO

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I'm not saying people don't want to see the naked/sex stuff. Sex sells of course. But in my opinion RLC is a bit more then that. While sex is an important part of it I don't think its the focus and that's where the difference lies.

Its a bit like a relationship. Is sex the most important thing? Nope. Is sex one of the best things? Yep. Would you like one without sex? Hell No! :P

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