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Watching the sites at home.


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Hi, this is my new topic ever. But i thought it would be interesting to know if you guys are having families and how do you watch the sites in this case? Do you better use the mobile version? or you close the door. Or together with your couple. Or how else?

Thanks in advance and i hope the topic is not repeated. 

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I used to watch it with my wife until I lost her.  Up until about 5 months ago I would watch it when I could.  My son knew about me watching the site and of course my daughter did as well because he let it slip one day, but they weren't both cool with it.  My son said it's a total waste of time and my daughter said "whatever floats your boat" lol.  Now days I don't watch it at all and just kind of keep up with it through CC.  It had me addicted there for a pretty good while....I'm not going to lie about it, I was hooked.  I still miss it from time to time when all the story telling starts going on, but here lately even that has calmed down almost to a standstill.  Luckily for me though, there are a couple of kind CC members that keep me up to date with what happens and even send me vids and pics from time to time.  Whenever my son or daughter would come over or guests for that matter, I would just close my laptop and go on about business as usual.

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Get one of those "Boss" buttons that you can right click on the mouse it hides the page you are on by putting I totally random page on top of it. It takes about a half a second to switch it....there are a few free ones here and there you can download.  Firefox had an add on like that.hope that helps ya.....CK

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