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  2. How long does it take for the server to be restarted?
  3. I suspect Foamy is responsible. I remember many a time he threatened to crawl into someones attic and chew up their wires and then chew up your radiator hose and empty your bird feeder. RLC is his latest victim. I stand by this statement. Thanks Foamy Your old friend stinky
  4. Always said,the way they treat they clients will work against themselves one day..if one day they start having serious problems,losing money and clients and they change posture and trie to get their clients support,help..is then that things will blow..law of..karma.Treat well your clients and they will be loyal and supportive..treat them like shitt..and you will receive the same treatment.
  5. Ah, my dear Nicholas... As I understand it is very likely or perhaps it might be much much possible, and that goes for all the members of the very present forum thread - at...just a moment...the page 13, where this post is at the moment, regardless some doubts like on the page 12, and most likely on some other pages of the same topic on the same subject as well, and that which involved, as said, all the earlier mentioned members and, of course in both cases involving the tennants as well, that there just might be something in...the air. I mean some strange things happening all over the RLC, CC, not to mention those two tankers... 🙂 I dont want anyone to think I didnt take my medication. But than again...wait a moment!!! 😉
  6. Daleys, je suis entièrement d'accord avec toi. RLC ne sait pas garder ses clients!! En tout cas, s'ils ne changent pas leur politique de communication, et d'organisation, je ne suis pas prêt de me réabonner à RLC!!! Daleys, I totally agree with you. RLC does not know how to keep his customers !! In any case, if they do not change their communication policy, and organization, I'm not ready to resubscribe to RLC!
  7. You have now grace nº2 that live with pussy turned to that cam... wondering if grace was your #1 before
  8. I wouldn't mind it so much, but the RLC graph looks just like my Canadian stock portfolio now days. They both leave a bad taste in my mouth. VHTV has more zing to it, like a slice of pecan pie and a snifter of fine Cognac. I realize I wrote many of the Rules for CC (all of which I detest), and that this topic has wandered far off-topic, but honestly, today especially, there is no Leora and Paul topic to discuss, because they aren't there.
  9. I think Leonie's going somewhere for staying .Leonie took stuff.
  10. This is a temporary problem. The server was down for 2 hours the server must be restarted
  11. WTF are all these figurative words lol... And what did Agent Dog do to get him in bed with Snowden??? Now since RLC is down and probably preparing to skip town, you can let it all go now 😏
  12. I hear you and agree Foamy my friend. I will miss some of the tenants as well, but, even the interest in some of the tenants has for some time seemed to be waning and on a decline. Perhaps a possible cause or reason could be related to what has seemed to be a noticeable decline in occasions of occurrences of more interest in coordination with a some noticeable and evident changes of situations with some of the tenants. I as well agree and feel the same concerning web-stat sites but perhaps there may be a higher chance of this recent internet traffic graph to be closer to likely rather than not due perhaps in large part to the previous statements of subject matter.
  13. You sure are a dreamer Sergio but there's nothing wrong with dreaming so go for it.
  14. That's D & D the managers of L & B and I & B? Otherwise, Anna & Alex planned their visits? Business is on its own.
  15. That says that it has been down for a week.
  16. moi aussi ....ça me laisse du temps pour fumer mon cannabis
  17. It's like that for everyone who visits RLC. 502 Bad Gateway The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 502 Bad Gateway server error response code indicates that the server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from the upstream server.
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