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  1. I would tottaly agree with you if those parties werent taking place at his appartment. If someone doesn’t like him then either would not come or keep distance and set boundaries. Of course i think Henry is a bit more aggresive sometimes but i dont think that if a girl say No he would force her
  2. I think we all see that Mira and Henry are trying their best. Let me remind you that the Last two young couples they were pretty but didnt cooperate very well. The first couple the boy couldnt get hard and the second the girl was shy. The only thing that i miss and would like to see is games that would lead to an orgy like the ones we saw at clarise and Sean apartment with the Lights off. Or blind games. Massage the girl Or boy and things like that. To blame anyone for not having orgy all the time and guest we like is wrong. If someone thinks can do it better than them then open and apartment and show it to us.
  3. I hope you ll score tonight with an other girl.... GO HENRY!
  4. I Wonder whats the game they play with the app at mobile Phone. I remember something similar when clarise sucked Bart Dick
  5. I would too but with 2 hours time zone difference i dont think is possible...
  6. @Mira&Henry it was a great party with lots of fun for us. I hope there Will be more of them and see mira having fun too
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