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  1. The place is a circus. They count on fooling the viewers that maybe one day something will happen. I really hope that one day they will wont earn a single dollar.
  2. If nothing happens because of the Sister will stop paying for this shit. I will cancel my subscription
  3. Of course they are but when that become the usual thing theres a problem
  4. A new guy arrived with Athena
  5. Did you had any luck? Can we expect anything soon?
  6. Of course i dont mean hate with the exact way. She stop the guest thing they had sometimes. I was hoping we would see again eric and layla at weekend
  7. Thats the reason i hate her. Because Elliot is doing the right thing...
  8. Only I want to smash my pc monitor when i see elliots sister arrives every night? Every day when shes leaving i hope she will never be back and every night shes there shes like a disease. I think i hate her
  9. women like elliot sister in greek we call them prawn girls(like prawns you keep the body and throw the head) she has nice body but when i see her is like watching elliot with long hair
  10. With the difference that leya offer something Sister is not
  11. I cant stand look at her anymore.... Its so frustrating. And the fact that there are no other interesting appartments except Mira and Henry its even worse
  12. I saw the incident from the timeline and was very creepy. Luckily leya and Elliot was smoking at the balcony. The good thing is their reaction after that was cool so maybe they didnt lose anything valuable
  13. its her again...come on kick her out she killing the action in the appartment
  14. I hope eric and layla will visit tonight to balance the loss from the fine
  15. They arent going to shut them down of course. They get fined. The bad thing is that they are offline for so many hours. It was obvious what they did vh had to text them to warn them to stop or they will be offline and close the matter in 10 minutes. I cant understand the delay
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