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  1. And people say there is no sexual activity on VH? Check out the bathroom in Alisa's apartment. lol
  2. They have sex on here. In the past week, I have seen more sexual activity just apartment surfing.
  3. Unfortunately, the cameras are screwing up.
  4. So far, their apartment has been the most interesting one on here; someone new is always in there whenever I check in.lol
  5. At least the blurry thumbnails stay on without a message coming on saying to subscribe. When the lights are on, they actually look pretty clear.
  6. I really miss not having RealLifeCam; I always enjoyed watching Leora when she was with her boyfriend.
  7. All I know is the time Doe Eyes was there, they were drunk and they had wild sex to which I could only see through blurred images. lol
  8. I'm waiting for them to have overnight guests. I loved it when Doe Eyes visited them at Reallifecam.
  9. Does anyone know how to get RealLifeCam without using SegPay! I can't use that service.
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