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  1. All opinions are valid, both yours and mine. And I don't give a shit about their opinions too. said with the utmost respect.
  2. These girls are vulgar and they don't have any sensuality in their caresses. I honestly believe that Leora is no longer the girl that everyone talks about so many wonders, her time has passed. I am seeing Holly and Megan and their caresses are full of passion and sensuality.
  3. I don't know Leora from before, I've only been in rlc for a few months, but you don't see an older girl to have that cellulite, to be in the business that she is, she should take care of her body more, it's just my opinion. You agree with me, before you had a good body, now you don't have it anymore. LOL
  4. oh yes yes, this is already very hot, those caresses on the clitoris, tonight is going to be a great night,
  5. Now I would like to be in Amy's place .. God I liked being touched by Holly and Megan.
  6. I do not understand how people prefer bodies with cellulite, having slim and perfect bodies like Holly and Megan,
  7. The best sex you can have is after training, for me. It would be very pleasant to see Holly have sex after training, it would be the culmination of the perfect night, without grotesque and false shows, just let your body feel, manifest your sensuality and let yourself be carried away by passion. I would like all that to happen tonight. LOL dreaming is free. LOL
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