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  1. The same old couch is still in place, that couch has seen a lot of fucking in the past and hopefully the trend will continue in the future. Well at least that dude in shorts is the same one who lived with Stifler for a little while.
  2. If Dylan and Kiara got the cameras for their own apartment, I would forget K&B very quickly. 🙄
  3. Finally there has been something to watch, it has been several weeks since the last time I watched this apartment in the evening for over an hour.
  4. Goldie is drunk again, which is perfectly normal.
  5. A couple more pictures of the black-haired girl.
  6. I haven’t seen a black-haired girl in weeks, most recently when Kennedy tried it on her pants too eagerly. What happened, who did, and what, I didn’t have time to look at the last hours.
  7. Problems in paradise, Faye cries, which in itself is nothing new.
  8. 2 minutes is just fine for her, so no need to suffer any longer.
  9. Bea alone in keeping the discipline, maybe she should call for help and evict those idiots out.
  10. This cute couple could go fuck in the bedroom again, so get some content.
  11. Their quarrel started with a playful fight, the dude hurt his toes and sat on the floor complaining about something.
  12. She and Goldie also came to the party. There aren’t very drunk people at these parties when you compare to Ben’s party. The gang just hangs out, plays cards and chats. Have there been so many people in Stifler's home yet? new record?
  13. The female guests watched that what those cameras are, where exactly are we? Smile, you're not in a hidden camera.
  14. Ben has something missing? condoms? Viagra? However, there had been no problems with Faye.
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