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  1. OMG the Cello is such a beautiful instrument and being played by such a beauty as well.
  2. There was a massive fight last night in this house between a girl and a guy (not sure of their names) and looks like their house has been taken down.
  3. Very true and I am new and didn't know about it and was just worried about you xx
  4. Maybe out of respect I should take that picture down - what do you think?
  5. Scary stuff this morning when Mira had a seizure and I contacted support and they said they were aware of it and they had contacted her.
  6. There is a lot of guess work on my part as I do not understand the language but I definitely heard three girls names meantioned from Suzan.
  7. Yeah she started shouting some girls names at him and pushed him and he threw charger and cable at her. Now he has gone out and left her there and sounds like she is crying again.
  8. Looks like a right old scrap going on at the moment.
  9. I totally agree as these boards are full of supposition and hopes of people trying to fulfill their fantasizes on the lives of the people in the flats. Real life states "The private life of other people in live 24/7" It isn't a pornfest guys lol
  10. I totally agree and watching them makes me want to go and hug my girlfriend lol
  11. This guy is such a basic neanderthal, I just watched him picking his nose and then wiping it on the sofa. Disgusting creature...!!!
  12. I wonder if she ever comes to this site and gets a kick out of it lol If so give us a wave Leora :)
  13. How do you know that it's as exciting for you as it is for her? Have you ever masturbated on live cam? Newbie basher lol
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